The Meeting House FAQs

+ Who do I contact to rent event space at The Meeting House?

Ellen Budd is the Event Manager for The Meeting House. She will be pleased to take your call at 443-510-7076 or receive your inquiry by e-mail at For worship space and long-term leases, contact Mike Shaw, the Building Manager, at 410-730-4090 or

+ What types of events are held at The Meeting House?

TMH is available for corporate events, seminars, training programs, workshops, classes, trade shows and expos, receptions, religious services or gatherings, weddings and commitment ceremonies, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, graduations, quinceañeras, bar and bat mitzvahs, music recitals and concerts, dance recitals and formals, banquets, luncheons, and other events.

+ What rooms are available for rent at The Meeting House?

We have two large halls, two large meeting rooms, and six smaller meeting rooms for rent. The largest hall has floor-to-ceiling folding partitions that can divide the 4,500 sq ft room into three spaces. Comfortable upholstered chairs, 8' long tables and 60" round tables allow for virtually any set-up in the large halls and Rooms 300 and 400. Only the smaller meeting rooms are limited in their table and seating configurations. Visit the Conference/Event Space and Meeting Rooms pages for more info and photos. Visit Room Specifications and Pricing for information on square footage, capacity, and rental prices of our meeting halls and rooms and view the facility's floor plan. Or call us for a consultation during business hours at 410-730-4090.

+ Is The Meeting House accessible to people with physical disabilities?

Yes, the entire facility, including the entrance and the restrooms, is on one level. All meeting halls. meeting rooms and restrooms are fully accessible to people with impaired mobility. The only location in the building that has stairs and is not readily accessible is the baptistery or baptismal pool adjacent to Room 100. The one-step riser in the Room 200 Complex can be accessed by a portable wheelchair ramp, which is available upon request.

+ Is The Meeting House a smoke-free facility?

Yes. In compliance with Maryland state law, smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the facility.

+ Between what hours of the day can I rent space at The Meeting House?

Space in the facility may be rented for events that begin as early as 8:00am and end no later than 11:00pm. Events must begin before 9pm when the facility's entry doors are locked. Events that would extend beyond the rental time window may be negotiated on a case-by-case basis at the time of booking.

+ How far in advance can I book space at The Meeting House?

Events on our scheduling calendar can be booked up to 11 months in advance but no less than one business day before the event.

+ Is WiFi available?

Yes, WiFi is available for our clients and their guests. Please stop by the front desk to get the passcode for our network.

+ What audio-visual equipment is available for presentations?

Room 100 and the Room 200 Complex have a house sound system, wired microphones and cordless microphones (one channel) and automated retractable screen. Room 300 has a wall-mounted, 60" smart TV with HDMI and WiFi connectivity. Portable TVs and DVD players are also available.

+ How much parking is available for my guests?

TMH has over 250 free parking spaces to accommodate your parking needs.

+ When is the best time to visit The Meeting House?

Tours may be scheduled by appointment by calling 410-730-4090. Regular business hours are from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. Evening and weekend appointments are also possible.

+ What parts of the facility are included in my rental?

Your rental space includes only the meeting room(s) that you rent. Because we typically have more than one event in the building at any given time, you are expected to keep within your rented space and be respectful of other groups in the building. Some areas, such as the kitchen and the Atrium Gallery, are accessible to groups using all meeting rooms. If you want to have exclusive use of an area, then it is necessary to rent that space.

+ Would I share the facility with another group?

TMH strives to rent all of our available rooms. Most likely there will be other activities going on in the building at the same time as your event.

+ Will The Meeting House staff be on site to assist me and my guests?

Yes, a facility staff member will be on site throughout the duration of your rental period. There is no additional fee for facility staff.

+ What are the responsibilities of The Meeting House facility staff?

Our staff are responsible for unlocking and locking the facility, set-up and break-down of TMH equipment needed for your event (e.g., tables and chairs), disposal of garbage bags in the dumpster, and restroom supply restocking and cleaning.

+ Will my rented space be set up with tables and/or chairs before I arrive?

Yes. TMH agrees to have your specified set-up in place at the beginning of your rental “IN” time, provided that you have submitted that set-up information in a timely manner. The set-up includes tables and chairs, any other leased or on-site equipment (e.g., podium, microphone, extension cords, A/V equipment), and garbage cans. All set-up that you do for your event must take place during your PAID rental time period. In addition, all of your materials must be removed and all trash placed in garbage containers. Before your departure, the room needs to be in the same condition as you found it upon your arrival. We recommend blue “painter’s tape” for decorating (no scotch tape or duct tape should be used). No pins, nails, staples, or glitter are permitted. Any damage to the room, furnishings, or building will result in loss of the Security Deposit.

+ How much time do I get and need to set up for my event?

You must pay for the time that you occupy your space, including set-up time, event time, and clean-up time. It’s important to leave a comfortable amount of time to prepare and set up for your event and clean up and return the room to its original condition. TMH recommends a minimum of 1 hour to prepare for your event and 1/2 to 1 hour for clean-up. The clean-up time should be long enough to allow you some flexibility in case your event exceeds its scheduled duration.

+ Does The Meeting House have a full kitchen?

Yes. TMH has a kitchen that is available for use by insured caterers to stage and serve meals. The kitchen features commercial-grade appliances: two gas range tops and ovens, a range hood, a proofing/holding cabinet and trays, three stainless steel work tables on wheels, an under-the-counter dishwasher, two deep stainless steel sinks with pre-rinse faucet, a freezer, a refrigerator, an ice machine and a separate sink for hand washing. In Summer 2016, the kitchen will be completely renovated.

+ In which rooms can food and beverage be served?

Food and beverage may be served in all of the meeting halls and rooms. Room 100 and Room 200/201/202 have direct access to the kitchen. Room 300 has a long counter for buffet-style food service. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in the facility but must be served by a licensed and insured caterer and consumed in your rented space.

+ Does the Meeting House accommodate outdoor events?

TMH grounds are available to stage photographs of your event. The grounds are not currently available to rent for outdoor events with or without a tent or temporary shelter.

The Meeting House Board of Directors and management are considering making the Atrium Gallery available for rent for receptions in conjunction with rental of the Room 200 Complex and/or Room 100. To minimize disruption to other activities in the building, the Atrium Gallery would be available for rent only on Saturday and Sunday nights.

+ Is the art on display available for purchase?

Unless otherwise stated on the label accompanying the piece, the artwork on display in The Meeting House Gallery is for sale. Contact the artist directly about purchasing his or her artwork. For other inquiries, contact the Art Committee at